Bachelor and master theses

Content and formal requirements for diploma theses, mode of thesis submission and evaluation are described in the annex to the Rules and Regulations of first and second cycle. Submitting of the bachelor thesis is according to the Instruction of the Dean, available on the website of relevant Dean's office.

Basic rules of APD use

  1. Having selected a diploma seminar, a student shall be granted access to the process of the diploma thesis circulation in the APD system.
  2. To initiate the circulation process, it is necessary to log in the APD system on the website
  3. The following shall be entered into the APD system by the student: the thesis language and thesis title in the language in which it was written. Abstract and key words. The system allows for the data to be entered in English also for original versions in Polish. After accepting the changes, the student shall be able to upload to APD a file containing the thesis in the PDF format (other formats including DOC shall not be allowed). The maximum size of the file accepted by the system shall be 25 MB. Statement of the author of thesis should be uploaded by the student in separate file. Having completed data entry the student should select the option "FORWARD TO THE SUPERVISOR FOR APPROVAL".
  4. After the files have been forwarded by the student, the Supervisor shall receive an email message requesting approval of the data entered by the student. After logging to the APD system, in the tab My theses and tasks , there will appear information on the task to be completed by the Supervisor. Having checked the data and the thesis file, the Supervisor shall approve them and shall refer the thesis to the anti-plagiarism system for verification.
    Having seen the Affinity Report, the Supervisor shall proceed to entering the content of the review (The thesis evaluation). After completing the form, the Supervisor shall approve the review.
  5. The student shall be advised of the process completion by the Supervisor via email.
  6. The Dean's office employee shall enter the data of the reviewer which are then transferred to the APD system.
  7. The Reviewer shall receive an email message advising of a task to complete in the APD system. Within 15 days of receipt of the message, the Reviewer shall complete the electronic review form in the APD system.
  8. In the APD system, all users shall have access to the theses catalogue and search system. The thesis content and review shall be accessible solely to the Author, Supervisor and Reviewer.

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